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(Yes) It’s Not Easy Being Green

line (Yes) It’s Not Easy Being Green

on June 10, 2011 Aart and Paula visit Wonderground exhibition and Popo Danes Architect’s office. They also sharing about their project “It’s not easy being Green” to some local designers. this presentation also as the closing of Wonderground exhibition.

Aart and Paula show up some slides and tell stories from their trip on “It’s not easy being green” in South America, Australia and New Zealand. After Bali, they plan to go to Asean countries via Singapore.

It’s Not Easy Being Green is a project initiated by Aart van Bezooyen and Paula Raché, a Dutch-German design couple living and working in Hamburg, Germany. The two designers traveling around the world in 184 days. The project is During six months they are offering inspiring lectures and materials workshops to explore the practice of sustainability by meeting, discussing and working with local creatives.

Aart van Bezooyen is an optimist and motivator for materials in design. He founded Material Stories (2005) that inspires and enables the best use of materials to make design more competitive, creative and sustainable. Aart writes for international design magazines and is design teacher at several design schools in Europe.

Paula Raché is a designer with organizational talent and loves to draw. This colorful character was born in Berlin and enjoyed work experience in graphic, packaging and exhibition design. She conducts workshops with Aart, because they both believe in the willingness and ability of young designers to create a better future.

you can reach them at

And here is the story of their trip excerpt from Core77 – A leading design online magazine

Wonderground Exhibition
In Bali’s crowded capital Denpasar, we visited the Wonderground exhibition where initiator Arief ‘Ayip’ Budiman explained that the exhibition brought together the works of 18 artists and designers from Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali. The exhibition demonstrates prototypes for a more sustainable future featuring ideas and products made from waste or organic materials.

Wonderground exhibition: Smile Stool made from waste wood by Fitorio Leksono

Wonderground exhibition: Mushroom inspired floor lamps made of reused glass by Desain9

David Berman, who presented his book Do Good Design, was one of the international speakers that supported the exhibition with a series of lectures and events. Also we were happy to share our experiences and sustainable solutions discovered in South-America, New Zealand and Australia. It was a great experience to do our slideshow presentation in the middle of a beautiful garden. Based on location alone, this was definitely our greenest talk so far.

Wonderground exhibition: Open air lecture at the beautiful site of Balinese architect Popo Danes

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  1. yes go green, lessen to effect global warming. it’s should now begin.


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